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About Us

About HgsMediaPlus

HgsMediaPlus is Nigeria's no:1 news and entertainment platform.
We strive to bring you latest news updates on Politics, Entertainment, Crime, Celebrities and more from around the world, all at your doorstep..

 Our Mission

Our mission is to give everyone access to news information and things happening around the world, passes to audience great news experience and giving them a voice to air their opinion.

History and Purpose

HgsMediaPlus was founded in 2017, which was formally called HgsCelebrityWorld in 2015 and was later changed to HgsMediaPlus in the Year 2017 till date.

Our Values

We aim to provide our audience with credible and substantial news and information, giving them the opportunity to air their views.

Contact Us:

We value your ideas and thoughts about HgsMediaPlus, we rely on our users to help us make the site better.If you have any thoughts, problems or suggestions then click here to contact us. Or call 08134990921

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