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Little Challenged Girl On Uniform Entertains Crowd With Zanku Gbe Body Dance

A Little girl on uniform who seem to have health challenges has wow crowd with the way she entertained them with her zanku legwork and gbe body.

The little girl who was on uniform was seen dancing the zanku gbe body as crowd cheer her. Though she had some health challenges looking at her, but she was filled with joy as she danced.

@Oluwaseyiokunuga: Challenge people such as her has the purest of heart. They don't seek enemies. They love unconditionally and they always worry when you/me supposedly able being are not happy...How interesting.
Note that what we struggle and strive for in lifr is what she has been given freely. That thing I'd PEACE and LOVE! SHE IS BLESSED BECAUSE SHE IS A BLESSING. so don't be sad for her as she is having the best time of her life. May the Lord bless her soul.

Watch the video below:

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