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The Moment A Lady Risk Her Life To Save A Young Man.

A viral video of a lady who risk her life to save a young man is seriously making rounds on social media.

According to the video, the lady spotted a black young man who was stopped by the police and told to kneel down with his hands up as a drew their guns towards him.

She cried out as she blasted the police officers, asking them what the man has done to deserve such treatment from them.

She said:

They have their gun drawn at this black man
Why do you have your gun drawn at this young black man, he has no weapon on him
Are you gonna shoot him
Are you gonna shoot him
Relax baby, relax
They will shoot you
They kill my boyfriend December 2015
He was killed by the police..
You gonna shoot me now
We are live right now
Look at that big ass gun she got on this man with no weapon
Is all that necessary ma
look at all the guns drawn at him
Excuse me Mr officer, my name is Sky Purphy
My boyfriend's name is lil brown, he was killed December 2015
Why you guys have this big ass gun drawn at him.

The lady burst into tears as a police officer comes to calm her down.

This stirred serious reactions, some appreciated the lady for saving his life. Why some condemned the police

Watch the video:

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