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Taxify Driver Pictured Trying To Beat Up A Lady Who Boarded His Car In Lagos

Trending video of a taxify driver who tried beating up a lady who boarded his car in lagos.

In the video, the driver had a serious agurment with the lady after she claimed that the driver didn't drop her in her destination.

According to her, she said she called the driver to pick her up, and when he got to where she was, he said he would drop her off at Ikeja.

Unfortunately, the driver didn't do so as this resorted to a serious quarrel between the lady and the driver. Which almost led to the driver beating up the lady.

But due to timely intervention by witnesses who held back the driver, the lady was safe.

This stirred a massive reactions from Nigerians who attack the driver and mostly the lady for their actions.

Watch Video Below:

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