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Nurse recounts how she rescued a drug addict left for dead in Lagos

This man was seen today on Lagos island
Along bristol busstop having episodes of twitching non stop (over 45 mins)Everyone was around but couldn't do much,I heard he consumes TRAMADOL a lot, but this accident happened after he was beaten up by some market people he tried to steel from.

Like I said in my previous post, Goodness is an act that not Everyone processes" I waited and watched for assistance to come, As a nurse I felt sorry for him but helpless at that moment because i don't have tools to help him.

Luckily the lasebus(Lagos State Emergency Ambulance) came in time, and I quickly introduce myself as a registered nurse who was ready to rander assistance, immediately I was welcomed by a wonderful colleague and the ambulance driver.

The patient was pick by the road side, and all necessary emergency resuscitation measures were taken.

Though he is not very stable yet but much better and in good hands I wish him fast recovery.

Watch Video Below:

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