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Be Patient Enough For Your 'Eventually' - Linda Ikeji

Nigeria billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji took to her official Instagram page #Officiallindaikeji to advice people not to give up on their dreams before it comes to them eventually.

She wrote about how long it took her to start making money from her blog, and how long she waited for her breakthrough. She also made a brief prayers telling young hustlers that it won't take much time for them to make it and that they will be patient enough to wait for it.

 Her post:

Be patient for your 'eventually' because it will come. It always does, But most are not patient enough for it. They give up on their dreams/hustle before their 'eventually' comes.
It took me 4 years to start making money on my blog and 14years for my breakthrough. May yours not be that long and may you be patient enough to wait for it(of course after you've put in the work). All the best!

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