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Passengers Killed, Others Injured As Man Survives Fatal Accident Without A Scratch. Photos

A man is filled with thanks to God after surviving a fatal accident which killed passengers and left many others injured.


According to Iberedem Nnana who lives in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state, he came out of the crash without a single injury to the amazement of others.
Below is what he shared on Facebook yesterday.
I will worship u forever, love u forever because this God is too good oo. pls my friends help me thank this God how he rescued me from a fatal accident earlier this afternoon.


Out of de 12 people that got injury, i am de only one without injury. today was horrific, i saw how someone’s head open, how fingers were smash, how heads were broken and how lives were lost. What can i offer to u oh LORD.


People kept asking me how i survived, but i can’t explain. This is a miracle, thousands of words is not enough to describe your love. Thank you Jesus.

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