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Man Who Rarely Uses Condom During Sex Says ‘Custard’ Has Been Coming Out Of His Privates.

Viewers of sex clinic show have been left horrified by a lad who found “custard” oozing out of his privates – before being told he had genital warts.

Lifeguard Liam, 20, went on the stomach-churning E4 show seeking help from the medical experts after discovering “a bit of yellow goo”.
Admitting that he rarely uses a condom, the lad told Dr Sarah that he had found “a custard consistency down there”.
Liam admitted: “There was something, when I went to pee, there was a blotch of yellow goo.”
Examining him, the doc then asked: “Have you noticed these little lumps here?” He replied: “Yeah, I thought they were skin tags.”
Dr Sarah then delivered the knock-out line: “They’re actually genital warts.”
She then announced she was going to blast then off with liquid nitrogen, grabbed a tiny blowtorch and asked an aghast Liam: “Shall we get started now?”

Viewers at home reacted with a mixture of horror and hilarity.

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