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Which Of These Nigerian Presidents Did The Worst Damage To The Country?

Nigerians have not been so lucky with choosing the best person to govern the Country ever since we gained Independence in 1960 😢
From voting greedy leaders, to voting a clueless one and then to a visionless one, the country has suffer in all Ramifications in the last 58 Years.
Poor health sector, Education is nothing to right home about, Security is Zero, No jobs, the Roads are in terrible state. In short, nothing is working out fine in the country, it’s so sad 😢😢
All our past and present Presidents have not done anything spectacular to better the life of Nigerians in anyway at all. It seems they are only here to make things worse for us and enrich themselves and their family.
Well, from your own point of view , between 👇

Which Of These President Did The Most Damage To Nigeria?

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