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How To Verify Your AdSense Account Automatically After Delay Of Pin Arriver

Hello Guys

Today am going to show you how to verify your AdSense account without any stress or panic.
I once had this same similar challenge, but I got over it, and now am going to tell you how I resolved mine without stress, just follow the blow steps carefully for a positive result.

Overtime most bloggers has experience this same issue about verifying their AdSense account, and has even made some give up on AdSense.

This post is based on a complain of a nairalander I came across on nairaland two days ago, According to him he has been waiting for over ¾ months and few weeks for his pin to arrive, but to no avail, and has not been able to verify his account.

But today that fear and panic is over…

AdSense requires us to verify our address with a pin verification that comes to us by mail, but most times it takes weeks, and months depending on the postal services of the country i.e Nigeria precisely.

Now let’s move on…

How To Verify Your AdSense Account

Step: 1 log into your AdSense account

Step: 2 Click on the verify pin box below on your AdSense to take you to the page were to verify your pin

Step: 3 scroll down below the pin verification box, and you will see an instruction that says (fill this form, if pin takes longer time).

Step: 4 on the writing instruction, you will see a word ‘Form’ that is highlighter blue like a link.

Step: 5 click it, and it will take you to a form to fill in with your name as appeared in your AdSense account and your Pub id, along with an attachment file of a govt issued id such as (voter’s card, national ID card, bank statement, driver’s licenses, or international passport).

Note: make sure that after filling your name and Pub ID on the form, you should first attach your bank statement with your name and mailing address as appeared in your AdSense account on it.

You will then receive a mail from Google AdSense telling you they have received your message, but you still have to send your govt issued id for final verification.

Go back to your AdSense account again through the same process as Above, but this time you will have to attach your (voter’s card, national id card, driver’s licenses or passport), which ever one you have with your name on it as appeared on your AdSense, once done you will receive a mail in 24hrs confirming your address and congratulating you for verifying you address…


 You are good to go…

If you have any questions on how to verify yours, drop your comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

And if you were successful in your own process, also drop your comment to let us know.

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