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Secret OF Multiplication Part 1

Hello Guys!

Welcome to a fresh new episode on (SECRET OF MULTIPLICATION). As most of us know, multiplication plays a vital role in the Education system around the world. Most of us might be wondering what secret is there in multiplication that people don’t know? Good question, you never know what you find when you dig deep into this things. Now it might surprise you if I tell you that most individual don’t know how multiplication is been solve, for example if we have a number multiply by another number to give you a certain answer, most people don’t know how that number came to be the answer. That is what this post is all about today, am going to show you the secret behind the answers to multiplication.

Now to start with, we are going to be using the 3 times part of a multiplication table :

  3x1 =  3
3x2 = 6  
  3x3 =  9               
  3x4 =  12                                                  3x5 =  15                                                                                                                                           Above, you will see an illustration of a multiplication table, while looking closely, we are going to start with the fourth part of the table that say 3 time 4: (3x4) which is equal to 12.

(=12). Now this is how the number 12 came to be the answer to that question. You simply add the number which you are using to multiply: which is 3 (THREE) into the number of times of the number you are multiplying it by which is 4 (FOUR), which means adding three into four times which gives you twelve (12). Great and easy puzzle yea?

Basically multiplication is addition, But not many of us knows this secret, even if you do, you will agree with me that back then in primary and secondary school days, you didn’t know and you somehow figured it out along the way. Basically you need to use the same method for every multiplication. Thank you so much for your time and stay turned for our next episode.

Please keep your comments coming in, if you have any idea to share feel free to do so on our comments box…

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